Jun 7, 2010

Zerosen (Atusi Kase)

"Zerosen" is a Japanese old-fashioned high-school teacher comic. Author is Atusi Kase. This comic is in WEEKLY SHONEN MAGAZINE (Kodansha Ltd.).

Author Atusi Kase has a big hit comic "Chameleon" (カメレオン/Kamereon). He has not changed a bit since then. But that is fine with us. Sometimes it's wise to be not changed.

"Zerosen" means "Zero fighter plane". In Word War II, Japanese arny developed "Carrier-based fighter type 0" (零式艦上戦闘機/Zero Siki Kanjou Sentouki). It is called "Zerosen". It is a very famous and excellent fighter.

This comic's title is with a double meaning. "Zerosen" and "Sen". "Sen" measn "Teacher" (先生/Sensei).

This comic's main character resuscitate from hyper-sleep. He is born at the Word War II. He is a military man. After he resuscitate, he become a teacher. And he educates youth of today.

"Zerosen" features a wild story. And it have many blue jokes.

* Title : Zerosen (ゼロセン/Zero Sen)
* Author : Atusi Kase (加瀬 あつし/Kase Atusi)
* Publisher : Kodansha Ltd. (講談社/Koudannsya)
* Magazine : WEEKLY SYONEN MAGAZINE (週刊少年マガジン/Syuukan Syounenn Magazinn)

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