Jun 12, 2010

Nanba Dead End (Tosio Ozawa)

"Nanba Dead End" is a high-school life comic. Author is Tosio Ozawa. This comic is in WEEKLY SHONEN CHAMPION (Akita Publishing Co., Ltd.).

The theme of this comic is a conflict of young people against his family. This comic's main character is a bad boy when he was a junior high school student. Everybody in his family are bad boys and girls. He want to change his life.

He often get involved in a brawl. He is strong. Bat he don't like fight. He fight with the help of disguise. We are scared of reveal.

This comic is the sequel to "Nanba MG5" (ナンバMG5/Nannba MG5). "Nanba" is a main character's family name.

Author Tosio Ozawa has good skill of creating comic. His casual drawing take the reader into a world of comic. His comic is seemingly unspectacular, but it is technically competent.

* Title : Nanba Dead End (ナンバデッドエンド/Nannba Deddo Enndo)
* Author : Tosio Ozawa (小沢 としお/Ozawa Tosio)
* Publisher : Akita Publishing Co., Ltd. (秋田書店/Akita Syoten)
* Magazine : WEEKLY SHONEN CHAMPION (週刊少年チャンピオン/Syuukan Shounen Tyannpionn)

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