Jun 12, 2010

Hanzasky (Junn Sadogawa)

"Hanzasky" is a karate (Japanese-style martial-arts) comic. Author is Junn Sadogawa. This comic is in WEEKLY SHONEN CHAMPION (Akita Publishing Co., Ltd.).

This comic is a coming-of-age tale. A main character is a high-school boy. His name is Ryuunosuke Hannza (半座 龍之介/Hannza Ryuunosuke). He become love struck. He falls in love with karate girl.

Hannza is a bad boy in previous times. He finds the fun of karate. He benefits from karate. He is a fireball. We enjoy briskness of Hannza.

I think that the title "Hanzasky" means "Hand the Sky". In Japanese Hand is "手", Sky is "空". When two names are put together, they become "空手" (Karate).

* Title : Hanzasky (ハンザスカイ/Hanzasukai)
* Author : Junn Sadogawa (佐渡川 準/Sadogawa Junn)
* Publisher : Akita Publishing Co., Ltd. (秋田書店/Akita Syoten)
* Magazine : WEEKLY SHONEN CHAMPION (週刊少年チャンピオン/Syuukan Shounen Tyannpionn)

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