Jun 8, 2010

Bartender (Araki Joh, Kenji Nagatomo)

"Bartender" is a bar (a place where alcoholic drinks are served) comic. Original writer is Araki Joh, illustrator is Nagatomo Kenji. This comic is in SUPER JUMP (Shueisha, Inc.).

This comic's main character is a skilled bartender. The setup of this comic is like an old comic of Araki Joh.

He wrote an original piece of "Sommelier" (ソムリエ/Somurie). Both deal with alcohol drinks and that's caltures.

"Bartender" is a one-shot comic. A human interaction is portrayed through drinks. This comic is mellow and warm. We will want to go a bar when we read this comic.

* Title : Bartender (バーテンダー/Baatenndaa)
* Author(original writer) : Araki Joh (城 アラキ/Jou Araki)
* Author(illustrator) : Kenji Nagatomo (長友 健篩/Nagatomo Kenji)
* Publisher : Shueisha, Inc. (集英社/Syuueisha)
* Magazine : SUPER JUMP (スーパージャンプ/Suupaa Jannpu)

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