Jun 6, 2010

Hajimete No Aku (Shun Hujiki)

"Hajimete No Aku" is a high-school romantic comedy comic. Author is Shun Hujiki. This comic is in WEEKLY SHONEN SUNDAY (Shogakukan Inc.).

"Hajimete No Aku" means "First crime". But this comic is not serious.

A televison program "Hajimete No Otsukai" in Japan is behind this title. This TV program is about a child's first errand. This comic has a smile-inducing atmosphere of that ilk.

This comic's main character is a high-school student, and he is an executive of a crime ring too. But that ring was dead. He and his family hope to rebuild that. He was freeloaded off his female cousin.

The highlight of this comic is a young and greenly love between main character and his cousin.

Girs of this comic are very cute. That is not just for an appearance. An endearing gesture and a sense of shame play a large role.

* Title : Hajimete No Aku (はじめてのあく/Hajimete No Aku)
* Author : Shun Hujiki (藤木俊/Hujiki Syun)
* Publisher : Shogakukan Inc. (小学館/Shougakukan)
* Magazine : WEEKLY SHONEN SUNDAY (週刊少年サンデー/Syuukan Syounenn Sandei)

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