Jun 8, 2010

JIN (Motoka Murakami)

"JIN" is a Japanese samurai dramas, time travel science fiction, and medical comic. Author is Motoka Murakami. This comic is in SUPER JUMP (Shueisha, Inc.).

This comic is a skillfulness only a veteran would write. We find a wide variety of contents to this comic.

Author Motoka Murakami wrote a lot of good work in past times. He creates "Musasi no Ken" (六三四の剣, means a sword of Musasi), "Ron" (龍-RON-, means a dragon).

"JIN" is a name of this comic's main character, and "仁" (Jin) means a Japanese saying "Medical is a benevolent art" (医は仁術なり/I Ha Jinjyutu Nari).

He goes back to the past times. He gets to the end of Edo Period. He has a modern medical technique. And he knows a history.

He try to rescue someone that is historical heroes and peoples who are unknown. But it also bring that his life losts. Under such circumstance, he work hard. It is a lonely battle.

This comic is a full of human dramas.

* Title : JIN (JIN-仁-/Jin)
* Author : Motoka Murakami (村上 もとか/Murakami Motoka)
* Publisher : Shueisha, Inc. (集英社/Syuueisha)
* Magazine : SUPER JUMP (スーパージャンプ/Suupaa Jannpu)

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  1. I heard they're going to make it into a Takarazuka show...