Jun 27, 2010

Cestus (Shizuya Wazarai)

Cestus (Shizuya Wazarai)

"Caestus" is a Roman grappler comic. Author is Shizuya Wazarai. This comic is in YOUNG ANIMAL (Hakusensha, Incorporated).

This comic is not just a grappler story. This comic deals the days of Emperor Nero. Main characers are young grappler, young Praetorian Guard, and Emperor Nero.

This comic writes top and bottom of society. We finds feels of Roman times.

"Cestus" is a name of young grappler. He is a slave. And "Caestus" means a leather strip that is Roman grappler's fist bandage.

This comic is series. It has following series.

* Caestus - Dark Legend of Boxing (拳闘暗黒伝セスタス/kenntou Annkoku Denn Sesutasu)
* Caestus - Mortal Combat Legend of Boxing Slave (拳奴死闘伝セスタス/kenndo Sitou Denn Sesutasu)

* Title : Castus (セスタス/kentou Annkoku Denn Sesutasu)
* Author : Shizuya Wazarai (技来 静也/Wazarai Sizuya)
* Publisher : Hakusensha, Incorporated (白泉社/Hakusensya)
* Magazine : YOUNG ANIMAL (ヤングアニマル/Yanngu Animaru)

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