Jun 27, 2010

81diver (Yokusaru Shibata)

"81diver" is a shogi (Japanese chess) comic. Author is Yokusaru Shibata. This comic is in WEEKLY YOUNG JUMP (Shueisha, Inc.).

This comic are characterized by big letters. Author Yokusaru Shibata uses dynamic performances.

"81" of this comic's title means a Japanese chess board. 81 is a multiply 9 by 9. This is a number of cells. "diver" means think deeply that like a diving to deep sea.

A main character is a shogi player. He is a young man. He didn't become a professional shogi player.

One day, he meets a maid girl. She is a strong shogi player. She want to find her menber to seek revenge on the Kisyoukai (鬼将会). Kisyoukai is a group of madness shogi player.

This comic contains a fight and love. A main character loves a shogi and heroine. He fights for a heroine and hisself.

And This comic has many exciting supporting character. This is a characteristics of Yokusaru Shibata. We enjoy that's episode.

* Title : 81diver (ハチワンダイバー/Hati Wann Daibaa)
* Author : Yokusaru Shibata (柴田 ヨクサル/Sibata Yokusaru)
* Publisher : Shueisha, Inc. (集英社/Syuueisha)
* Magazine : WEEKLY YOUNG JUMP (週刊ヤングジャンプ/Syuukan Yanngu Jannpu)

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