Jun 14, 2010

Utyuu Kyoudai (Tyuuya Koyama)

"Utyuu Kyoudai" is an astronaut comic. Author is Tyuuya Koyama. This comic is in MORNING (Kodansha Ltd.).

This comic's title "Utyuu Kyoudai" means a space brothers. Younger brother is an astronaut now. Big brother aspires for an astronaut. A main character is big brother.

This comic writes a process of becoming the astronaut. This comic is an inward-looking. A main character has many interior monologue.

He is not a genius. He is just another guy. But he has few talents. We finds that.

He goes forward step by step and reach for his goal. We enjoy this process. It's difficult being an astronaut.

We have yearnings for space. This comic whips up this feeling.

* Title : Utyuu Kyoudai (宇宙兄弟/Utyuu Kyoudai)
* Author : Tyuuya Koyama (小山 宙哉/Koyama Tyuuya)
* Publisher : Kodansha Ltd. (講談社/Koudannsya)
* Magazine : MORNING (モーニング/Mooninngu)

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