Jun 9, 2010

Antiaging Daddy

In June 2008, I wrote this comic. It is penciled. Its theme is freedom of expression.

This story is comedy and science fiction. I wrote this story tongue in cheek.

Page 1.

Antiaging Daddy
Masakazu Yanai

My Daddy is antiaging.

He stoped to grow when he was six.

It's scientific power!




Page 2.

I am ten years old.

I experienced an ejaculation.


His body is six years old.

Page 3.

How was I born?

So, when I think about that, my heart beat rapidly.

Forward stoop

What happened?

Page 4.

Antiaging Mammy
Masakazu Yanai

My mother is antiaging.

She stoped to grow when she was six.



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