Jun 17, 2010

Kinou Nani Tabeta? (Fumi Yosinaga)

"Kinou Nani Tabeta?" is a cooking and a life of gay couple comic. Author is Humi Yosinaga. This comic is in MORNING (Kodansha Ltd.).

This comic's main character is a gay. He lives with his lover. They are gay couple. But this stories are commonly couple. Description of a character is brilliant.

We find a two theme in this comic.

One is a cooking. Author writes a recipe in considerable detail. This comic's title "Kinou Nani Tabeta?" means "Yesterday, What did you have for dinner?".

Two is a life of a gay couple in their forties. A main characte suffers from his family's lack of understanding about gay. But he doesn't break off relations with his family.

This is a one-shot comic. This comic has a light and easy fun. We find many subtleties of human's feeling.

* Title : Kinou Nani Tabeta? (きのう何食べた?/Kinou Nani Tabeta?)
* Author : Fumi Yosinaga (よしなが ふみ/Yosinaga Humi)
* Publisher : Kodansha Ltd. (講談社/Koudannsya)
* Magazine : MORNING (モーニング/Mooninngu)

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