Jun 9, 2010

Girl Of Houseplant

In June 2008, I wrote this comic. It is penciled. Its theme is sense of stagnation and feeling of freedom.

Page 1.

The world is full of amazing stories.

Gari Gari Gari Gari Gari Gari Gari Gari...

"Amazing " comes to my room.

A girl grows on a floor.

Girl Of Houseplant

Masakazu Yanai

Page 2.

Chi.. Chill it, me!


Ha, Hallo

What am I doing?

And sharing a house with her started.

I'm hungry.

Quiet, you!

Page 3.

One day.

Takaaki! I want to go to out.

The world is sudden.
And it is unreasonable.

Huh? How do you go?

I want to go!

Ok! Let's go!

You are selfish!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Page 4.

What did I do to deserve this?

Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu Zu...

A great view!

For the first time in my life, I carry a floor board.

Goody! Goody!

Page 5.

So, Where do you want to go?

Open land!

Open land?


Yes. I live in a small space.

Page 6.


I got it!


It's great.

I think so, too.

The world is full of amazing episodes.
It is sudden and unreasonable.
But I think it is acceptable to joy in recent days.

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