Jun 9, 2010

Kizu Darake No Jinsei (Tetsuya Saruwatari)

"Kizu Darake No Jinsei" is a yakuza (Japanese gang) action comic. Author is Tetsuya Saruwatari. This comic is in BUSINESS JUMP (Shueisha, Inc.).

Author Tetsuya Saruwatari is known as hard and solid style. His comic is full of violences. He uses a realistic representation.

This comic's title "Kizu Darake No Jinsei" (傷だらけの仁清) means badly-bruised Jinsei. "Jinsei" is a name of a main character.

The song "Kizu Darake No Jinsei" (傷だらけの人生) became a big hit in 1970-1971. This "Jinsei" means a human life. Author named comic's title after this song.

A main character is very strong. He is a former yakuza menber. But he serves chief of police. And he fight against evil. We enjoy an explosive violence.

* Title : Kizu Darake No Jinsei (傷だらけの仁清/Kizu Darake No Jinsei)
* Author : Tetsuya Saruwatari (猿渡 哲也/Saruwatari Tetuya)
* Publisher : Shueisha, Inc. (集英社/Syuueisha)
* Magazine : BUSINESS JUMP (ビジネスジャンプ/Bijinesu Jannpu)

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