Jun 23, 2010

Uso Gui (Toshio Sako)

"Uso Gui" is a gamble comic. Author is Toshio Sako. This comic is in WEEKLY YOUNG JUMP (Shueisha, Inc.).

This comic features an overmuch psychological descriptions and violence. Author Toshio Sako uses detailed realism pictures. And he bluffs us.

"Uso Gui" means an eater of lie.

In this comic, main characters challeng some gambles. Those games have some rules.

This comic is unique in that the games contains the outside of game.

The violence changes rule of game. If characters don't have his violence, he is killed from enemy.

This comic is little difficult to understand. But the fun outweigh the negatives.

* Title : Uso Gui (嘘喰い/Uso Gui)
* Author : Toshio Sako (迫 稔雄/Sako Tosio)
* Publisher : Shueisha, Inc. (集英社/Syuueisha)
* Magazine : WEEKLY YOUNG JUMP (週刊ヤングジャンプ/Syuukan Yanngu Jannpu)

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