Jun 18, 2010

Piano No Mori (Makoto Isshiki)

"Piano No Mori" is a pianist comic. Author is Makoto Isshiki. This comic is in MORNING (Kodansha Ltd.).

Author Makoto Isshiki had a country bumpkin style in previous times. But he gradually acquired a beautiful style. "Piano No Mori" is a well reflected his new style.

"Piano No Mori" means piano in the forest, or forest of piano. a main character lives around a forest. In this forest, there is a discarded piano.

This comic's main character is a genius boy. But he lives in a horrible environment. His teacher was a genius pianist. Teacher finds a boy with his talent. This story is a two genius man.

This comic has another story. A main character's friend want to be a pianist. He finds a main character's talent too. He is a hard worker, but he is not genius.

His farther is a pianist. Farther was a teacher's old rival. This is a longstanding feud.

We hear the sound from this comic. It gave us goose bumps. This comic is so inspirational.

* Title : Piano No Mori (ピアノの森/Piano No Mori)
* Author : Makoto Isshiki (一色 まこと/Issiki Makoto)
* Publisher : Kodansha Ltd. (講談社/Koudannsya)
* Magazine : MORNING (モーニング/Mooninngu)

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