Jun 11, 2010

Baki (Keisuke Itagaki)

"Baki" is a combat sports comic. Author is Keisuke Itagaki. This comic is in WEEKLY SHONEN CHAMPION (Akita Publishing Co., Ltd.).

"Baki" is a name of a main character. This comic is series. It has following series.

* Grappler Baki (グラップラー刃牙/Grappurar Baki)
* Baki (バキ/Baki)
* Baki Hannma (範馬刃牙/Hannma Baki)

Author Keisuke Itagaki is one of the most popular combat sports comic artists in Japan.

"Baki" is a boy's name. His familly name is Hannma. He trains to achieve a fight against his father. His father's name is Yuujirou. He is called "Ogre". He is a most powerful creature in the world.

This comic has many combat sports. Characters hope fights against superior enemies. They are engaged in mortal combat.

And this comic is a coming-of-age tale. A main character Baki slowly grow.

* Title : Baki (刃牙/バキ/Baki)
* Author : Keisuke Itagaki (板垣恵介/Itagaki Keisuke)
* Publisher : Akita Publishing Co., Ltd. (秋田書店/Akita Syoten)
* Magazine : WEEKLY SHONEN CHAMPION (週刊少年チャンピオン/Syuukan Shounen Tyannpionn)

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