Jun 10, 2010

Garouden (Keisuke Itagaki, Baku Yumemakura)

"Garouden" is a combat sports comic. Original novel writer is Baku Yumemakura, illustrator is Keisuke Itagaki. This comic is in EVENING (Kodansha Ltd.).

This comic is based on a same name novel. Illustrator Keisuke Itagaki freely expand stories.

Original writer Baku Yumemakura is well-known as a writer of burning heroes. His character is absolutely crazy. They get paranoid. They crave a mountain, fishing, shougi (Japanese chess), and combat sports.

Illustrator Keisuke Itagaki has a big hit comic "Baki". He like combat sports. Baku and Keisuke are linked in combat sports.

"Garouden" means stories of hungry wolfs. This comic's characters is hungry for duel.

This comic's characters devots their life to combat sports. They are stark raving crazy. They blow their nose for duel.

The appeal of this comic comes down to their way of life.

* Title : Garouden (餓狼伝/Garou Den)
* Author(original writer) : Baku Yumemakura (夢枕 獏/Yumemakura Baku)
* Author(illustrator) : Keisuke Itagaki (板垣 恵介/Itagaki Keisuke)
* Publisher : Kodansha Ltd. (講談社/Koudannsya)
* Magazine : EVENING (イブニング/Ibuninngu)

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