Jul 29, 2010

Souri No Isu (Yasuyuki Kunitomo)

"Souri No Isu" is a political dark hero comic. Author is Yasuyuki Kunitomo. This comic is in BIG COMIC SUPERIOR (Shogakukan Inc.).

A main character "Haruka Shiratori"(白鳥 遥/Siratori Haruka) is a Japanese politician. He challenges the chair of prime minister. "Souri No Isu"(総理の椅子) means "the chair of prime minister". He has an ulterior purpose.

Shiratori acts like a righteous politician. But he wants a breaking down Japan. He puts other people in a pinch, and he rises to stardom.

His friends and acquaintances are fooled by him. But a newsperson has question. He digs into Shiratori's past. Shiratori has a shadowy background...

This comic is a exciting. Because we find Shiratori's dark side.

* Title : Souri No Isu (総理の椅子/Souri No Isu)
* Author : Yasuyuki Kunitomo (国友 やすゆき/Kunitomo Yasuyuki)
* Publisher : Shogakukan Inc. (小学館/Shougakukan)
* Magazine : BIG COMIC SUPERIOR (ビッグコミックスペリオール/Biggu Komikku Superiooru)

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