Jul 7, 2010

Iryu -Team Medical Dragon- (Tarou Nogizaka, Akira Nagai)

"Iryu -Team Medical Dragon-" is a medical comic. Illustrator is Tarou Nogizaka, original plan is Akira Nagai, editorial supervisor is Emi Yoshinuma. This comic is in BIG COMIC SUPERIOR (Shogakukan Inc.).

This comic is set in the university hospital. In this hospital, professor election is held. That's post is a professor of heart surgery. A main character is hired as surgeon from a candidate. He is a very good doctor.

This comic has many human events. Main events are foxy dicker. But not only that. A sub character doctor-in-training is important. His growing is a major axis of a story.

The story line is good. Particularly, pumping up highlights is very good. This comic has many sobering scenes every week.

* Title : Iryu -Team Medical Dragon- (医龍-Team Medical Dragon-/I Ryuu Tiimu Medikaru Doragonn)
* Author(illustrator) : Tarou Nogizaka (乃木坂 太郎/Nogizaka Tarou)
* Author(original plan) : Akira Nagai (永井 明/Nagai Akira)
* Author(editorial supervisor) : Emi Yoshinuma (吉沼 美恵/Yosinuma Emi)
* Publisher : Shogakukan Inc. (小学館/Shougakukan)
* Magazine : BIG COMIC SUPERIOR (ビッグコミックスペリオール/Biggu Komikku Superiooru)

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