Jul 29, 2010

Akagi (Nobuyuki Hukumoto)

"Akagi" is a mah-jong comic. Author is Nobuyuki Hukumoto. This comic is in KINDAI MAH-JONG (TAKESHOBO Co.,LTD).

A main character name is Shigeru Akagi(赤木 シゲル/Akagi Sigeru). This comic is a spin-out from "Ten"(天 天和通りの快男児/Ten Tenhoudouri No Kaidanji). Akagi is an isolated genius in this comic.

A main character Akagi can read a mental logic. And he can exceed other's mind. He enters a world of madness. But he plays a smile. Because he is indeed madness.

This comic is known for a episode Washizu MAH-JONG. Washizu(鷲巣 巌/Wasizu Iwao) is a millionaire. He is a behind-the-scenes fixer.

Akagi fight against Washizu in the rule of Washizu MAH-JONG. This rule is a blood-sucking fight. Loser pay a lot of money or his blood. A large portion of this comic is made up of this episode.

* Title : Akagi (アカギ ~闇に降り立った天才~/Akagi Yami Ni Oritatta Tennsai)
* Author : Nobuyuki Hukumoto (福本 伸行/Hukomoto Nobuyuki)
* Publisher : TAKESHOBO Co.,LTD. (竹書房/Takesyobou)
* Magazine : KINDAI MAH-JONG (近代麻雀/Kindai Maajan)

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