Jul 2, 2010

Berserk (Kentaro Miura)

"Berserk" is a heroic fantasy comic. Author is Kentaro Miura. This comic is in YOUNG ANIMAL (Hakusensha, Incorporated).

In general, fantasy story is unreal. But this comic has a real. Because this comic has a great presence. There is an extreme amount of detail in this comic.

This comic has some chapters. "Bclack Swordsman" (黒い剣士/Kuroi Kensi) is introductory chapter. In this chapter, a main character Guts has a lonely and difficult journey.

"Golden Age" (黄金時代/Ougon Jidai) is a main chapter. A main character's past is out of the closet.

"Condemnation" (断罪篇/Dannzai Hen), and "Hawk of the Millennium Empire" (千年帝国の鷹/Sennnenn Teikoku No Taka) return to the present story.

"Golden Age" has a two story. One is a self-awareness of a main character Guts. Other is a self-loss of Griffith that he is a best friend of Guts.

In this comic, characters are well-muscled. We associat heavy tanks with them. In this world, Griffith has fine features. He like a polar star.

This chapter has many violences and beautiful younger days. A keyword of this chapter is a dream.

We find a monstrous and beatiful world in this comic.

* Title : Berserk (ベルセルク/Beruseruku)
* Author : Kentaro Miura (三浦 建太郎/Miura Kenntarou)
* Publisher : Hakusensha, Incorporated (白泉社/Hakusensya)
* Magazine : YOUNG ANIMAL (ヤングアニマル/Yanngu Animaru)

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